Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Karly and the True Pro - by Joe

Karly and I were lying in bed a couple of weeks back, after a bit of a session. And as the sweat was cooling lightly on our bodies, we got to wondering and talking about the best possible sexual experience, as you do.

You know how lots of people are good cooks, but given the choice, most of us would prefer to eat at Gordon Ramsey's or Thomas Keller's? So, our thinking goes, does this apply to sex? Would there be a real, appreciable difference between the professional escort and the gifted amateur?

Karly kindly volunteered to find out for y’all (what sacrifices that wonderful woman makes!), with me along to take notes. What a hardship.

Firstly, we had to find the right guy for Karly. She likes slim-build but muscular, tall, dark men. But enough about me! And in this case, we were looking for someone who could offer a good sized, though not necessarily, huge penis. I’m not bad at 8 inches, but she really wanted to be stretched a little further, as it were.

We found Sean online at a site catering for that kind of thing. Karly just knew right away as soon as she saw his photo. She was sitting on my lap looking at the computer and I felt her pussy dampen noticeably as she contemplated a night with someone you paid to have sex with. She reached between her legs and guided my prick into her pussy in one swift down thrust of her hips. In no time at all, I was spurting copiously as she also came on my pulsing penis. If this was the foreplay to the main event, we both couldn’t wait for the main course.

As I think you’ll agree a lot of sex great sex comes down to atmosphere and ambiance, so we checked in to a very plush London hotel for the weekend. We spend Saturday shopping mainly, including buying a few toys for us to play with later. And Karly had fun teasing the boys serving in shoe shops, by flashing her open crotch panties at them. It’s amazing how quickly a 20 year old can get hard when they see a pair of glistening pussy lips from a foot away.

Karly was very temped to relieve one particularly hunky specimen, but decided that the forthcoming feast would be much better appreciated on an empty stomache.

We returned to the hotel, showered and put on the luxurious bath robes provided by the hotel. At precisely 7.00, Sean called from the lobby and we invited him up. Karly looked a little flushed already – a combination of nerves and anticipation. The adventure was about to begin.

Sean arrived and first impressions certainly didn’t disappoint. A good 6’ 2”, his tight t-shirt showed that he worked out regularly, but as Karly told me later, it was his confident smile and twinkle in his eyes that made her knees go a little weak as she thought of her coming session with the hunk. His slight brogue was pretty much the icing on the cake.

Sean added to the great first impressions by quickly taking control of the situation. He wasn’t exactly domineering, but he left no doubt that he was in charge – of both of us.

He said that we’d start off with his special massage, which was a great way to get everyone relaxed. He told me that he’d like me to sit in a chair overlooking the bed

and not to get involved until he told me. He also said sternly that I mustn’t touch myself, or he’d be cross. But he said it with such a charming smile that it wasn’t at all threatening – actually my own knees went a little weak too at that point and I’m as straight any man!

He then whispered something in Karly’s ear and she coyly turned her back on us, slipped off the robe and lay face down on the bed. Already you could sense an intimacy between the two, which I found a real turn on, mixed with a familiar slight sense of angst. Sean took off most of his clothes, leaving on just a pair of thigh length, white latex shorts. His well tanned body, was smooth and well….sexy as hell actually.

He anointed his hands with some massage oil and began on Karly’s shoulders, which she loves to have rubbed gently – in many ways more than her breasts. Sean took his time and spent about 10 minutes on Karly’s back and shoulders, as she purred with pleasure, interspaced with the odd moan. If nothing else, Sean gave great massage!

He moved down slowly to Karly’s gorgeous bottom and again whispered in her ear. Karly just moaned softly, though I could see her legs involuntarily part slightly, giving me a great view of her moist pussy. Karly has trimmed, light blond pussy hair, which did a great job of framing her wetness, yet hiding nothing from my fascinated eyes, or from Sean’s keen gaze. If there was ever a doubt that Karly was going to let this go all the way, it now disappeared. I knew that Karly was about to be taken by a master.

But Sean wasn’t in a rush, despite the bulge that was straining his shorts. Karly wasn’t going to be disappointed with that either. The tip of Sean’s penis was coming out the top of the shorts and resting well above his navel. It was also pretty thick – Karly would certainly not be able to get one of her dainty hands round it, if I was any judge.

Sean reached down into a briefcase he’s bought with him and revealed a feather. He gently, ever so gently, began to flick Karly’s back with its tip, causing my wife to shudder with pleasure and increase the frequency and volumes of her moans. The feather moved down to her lovely bum, down her legs, then up the inner thighs. Karly, now flushed and panting, gave a small cry as the feather teased and tickled her inner thighs and to my surprise had a small, but intense orgasm. Fuck, this guy was good – he hadn’t even started on the moist folds of her pussy yet.

But Karly wasn’t kept waiting long. As her orgasm subsided, the feather started to tickle her outer pussy lips, alternating back to her thighs and legs. He quickly teased her into a frenzy – where would the feather land and caress next?
Karly suddenly had enough and turned over, spreading her legs wantonly.

“I NEED YOUR COCK NOW” she moaned, coming face-to-face with it for the first time. “Oh my God!” she breathed, reaching out to touch it tentatively – I was right, her hand couldn’t hold its whole girth. It was certainly the biggest I’d seen, outside of a porn movie.

Sean allowed her to stroke his shaft gently, with pre-cum glistening from his circumcised head. He elegantly removed his shorts and enjoyed her fingers for a few moments more, before gently withdrawing and whispering “Not so fast, my beauty”. He was really making sure that Karly was well prepared for the monster.

“OK, people” murmured Sean “I think it’s time that we let Joe have a little action.”

He strode over to me and told me to stand up, which I did instinctively. He then quickly undid my robe and slipped it off my shoulders, which I found a little shocking, to be honest, but erotic as hell. He looked me up and down and muttered “very nice too”.

At this point, I was nearly coming, I must confess. His expert ministrations on Karly has driven me to the edge anyway – seeing her with another man will always do the trick, but Sean was really something else. But his commanding approach to the situation and his frank appraisal was enough to make my penis drip with pre-cum. If he’d told me to bend over and take in my bum, I’m not sure if I’d been able to resist.

Instead, he gently took my penis in his hand and led me across to the bed. He told Karly to turn over and kneel down and me to get behind her. He held my penis at her open pussy, gently rubbing the tip up and down her outer lips.

“OK, people, here’s the plan” he murmured. “Karly needs a penis right now. And Joe needs to come before he explodes. So I’m going to let you have a very quick fuck now, before taking the lovely Karly myself. Besides which “he grinned “ No disrespect, Joe, but she’s not going to be able to feel you for a few days after I enjoy her.”

Oh fuck, I was so close to coming. He increased the rhythm of rubbing my penis on her pussy lips. I then felt his other hand on my bum pushing me home and I exploded before the end of the first stroke. God this man was good.

Of course, as Sean intended, Karly was even more frustrated now, as her hopeless husband had come like a teen on his first fuck.

Sean grinned at me, with a touch of superiority I have to say, and told me to go back to my chair.

Sean then got on his back, ducked under Karly/s still widespread thighs and went straight for her clit – no messing this time. She came in less than a minute clamping her thighs round Sean’s ears. I don’t think I’d ever seen her like this before.

Sean disengaged and turned Karly over, pushing her thighs wide apart and gazing intensely at her freshly fucked, oozing and slightly swollen pussy. Fuck, she looked sexy, loose and horny. I could already feel my penis hardening for the next session.

Sean pushed a pillow under Karly’s bum and raised himself up so he was over her, but not yet touching. The end of his thickly veined penis was just over her belly button – unless Karly was telling fibs about her previous boyfriends, this was going to be her biggest ever. Karly was making little mewing sounds and twitching her hips uncontrollably.

Sean reached down with one hand, and poised his prick at her sticky entrance and started rubbing it gently up and down, hitting her clit every couple of passes. Karly began to cum, but this time visibly squirting love juice from her pussy. I’d never known she was capable of that! This man really was taking her to places she’s never been before.

He began to move his hips forward. Despite the lubrication running out of Karly, I could tell it was not easy. Her little pussy lips were stretched to the limit as their hips finally met and he lay still for a moment, allowing her to become accustomed to the feeling. Karly began moaning loader – she later told me that he was making his penis twitch inside her – and then he started thrusting gently in and out, in and out, long, slow and steady strokes.

I could tell Karly was building again and I wasn’t far from coming all over myself too. The sight of my wife being pushed to her sexually limit was just mind buggering.

Sean increased the pace, now pulling Karly’s legs up over his shoulders, making him go even deeper inside her. A sheen of sweat had begun to glimmer on her upper lip and on her flushed breasts.

Sean then pulled out and sat on the bed, manoeuvring Karly so she was facing me, with her back to him and squatting over the massive tool. She lowered herself down, with the size still stretching her and causing to moan softly as she slid down. She began to work her self up and down, as Sean began to thrust harder in the same rhythm and caress her breasts and rock-hard nipples. Fuck, it was erotic.

Karly began to shudder helplessly as yet another orgasm ripped through her body. Her eyes were glazed with lust and I could tell that she had forgotten I was even there. In the middle of this, Sean withdrew again and, sitting up, he reached round Karly’s waist and pressed his penis into the outside of her tummy. This meant a spectacular finale for me as he began to come with hard, high spurts, coating Karly’s fantastic tits and even up to her chin.


Sean told me to come back over the bed as he laid a clearly exhausted Karly gently onto her back and spread her legs for me. Once again, he guided my penis into that glorious sticky entrance and I could feel Sean’s warm stickiness on my wife, as I lay down on her.

There’s was absolutely no friction – I might as well be fucking nothing. Karly just lay there, too exhausted to participate again. But despite all this, I again didn’t last more than a few strokes before coming - almost painfully, it was so intense.

Karly and I cuddled together, spent and satiated and must have dozed off. When we awoke later, Sean had gone, leaving us a nice note, thanking us for a great time. He said that he’d decided to give us this one for free as he knew we wouldn’t be able to resist being used by him again. Cheeky bastard.

So the verdict? Suffice to say that it had been a real sexual highlight for both of us, crossing boundaries we wouldn’t have contemplated before. We definitely will be inviting Sean to join us again (he was right!!), but not too soon, to be honest. As Karly said, if you had sex like that all the time, it would be too much. A little like eating at Gordon Ramsey’s every night, as it happens.

The next day, Karly’s pussy was very sore and a little swollen – a delicious souvenir of Sean’s ministrations. But we had a lovely time, with me licking and tongue massaging, as we re-lived the night with Sean together again.

Karly said that next time, we might ask Sean to bring a friend – maybe this would take us to even higher levels. But for now, bread and butter sex is on the menu for us, albeit accompanied by fantasies and memories of our wonderful night with Sean.


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